Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Vegetarian exhibition at school

I went to help out at the Singapore vegetarian society's exhibition today at school. It was interesting to see the reactions of people towards veg. Usually people are apprehensive about going to the booths to look at the flyers, and you can especially scare people off when u walk near them with a thick bunch of flyers in your hand. I learnt today that audio-video works best in an exhibition, people don't have to move close to the booth yet they can learn by viewing the video from afar. I think it is important for things to be able to capture people's attention within the first few seconds when they look at the exhibition, otherwise they will simply walk off, and moving, changing videos can do that pretty well. Exhibition boards can capture people's attention too but not as good as audio-video. And it's important to leaflet, otherwise some people will just walk past the exhibition without taking notice. I am glad this exhibition was held as it brought awareness towards vegetarianism, and hopefully, could encourage more people to eat less meat.

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