Saturday, April 7, 2007

Is a vegan diet for children wrong and unethical?

Perhaps you have come across recent news about Professor Lindsay Allen saying that denying growing children animal products in their diet during the critical first few years of life was "unethical". Is a vegan diet for children wrong?

What makes things wrong in the first place? Not following the mainstream way of eating?
If the majority of the world lives on a vegan diet, and the minority of the world eats an omnivorous diet, would that make feeding children a meat-based diet unethical?

Parents want the best for their child, I think it would be wrong to label things like that. Omnivorous parents believe an omnivorous diet to be the best for their child. Vegan parents believe their way of life is best for their child. How can anyone be labelled "unethical" in this case? What I would call unethical is, being motivated by self interest and thus knowingly hiding truths behind the food we eat and producing false reports that mislead people on their food choices. Not saying Allen is trying to hide anything, she may well be giving the best of her opinion on this issue as well. What I am more concern about is how true many of the reports and guidelines are nowadays, with so many of these articles produced not for consumers sake, but rather, for the self interest of some people.

You can read about the comments people have made towards Allen's stand here

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