Thursday, April 19, 2007

Meet Peta activists at Far East square this friday

Legendary punk band NOFX is touring Southeast Asia 13 April onwards, and will be in town this Friday to perform at the Pavilion in Far East Square at 6:30 p.m..

NOFX has been long-time PETA supporters: frontman Fat Mike produced PETA's wildly popular benefit CD titled Liberation: Songs to Benefit PETA. Now, NOFX and their Singapore organizers are allowing PETA activists table at their show. There will be leaflets and posters and stickers being given away. You can also leave your email address on the sign-up sheet for PETA to contact you on how you can help animals.

Hong Kong-based hardcore band (and long-time PETA friend) King LyChee and Singapore-based group Plain Sunset will be performing with NOFX on Friday. So come join the fun. Tickets are on sale for $60 at Straits Records, 22 Bali Lane until Thursday 19 April.

For more information on tickets for the NOFX tour, go to and

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