Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tobey Maguire quits leather

Tobey Maguire is already a long time vegetarian and it seems that he is moving very close to a vegan lifestyle with his shunning of leather, milk, cheese and eggs. It will be great if he decides to go vegan :)

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Edanator said...

Yay! :)

Another campaign idea of mine (which I never have time to realize) is to convince jeans companies to remove the leather tags. I'm frustrated that nearly all brands put useless leather tags on their pants. Even though the tag is small, there are A LOT of pants sold, and the total amount of leather sold is huge. Getting rid of these tags, and making the companies clearly V-label the pants, would be a great step forwards towards a leather-free society. Plus that we'd remove part of the income from the leather/meat industry (yes, buying leather means cheaper beef).

dreamy said...

That's interesting, I never thought of that! Have u thought of how u are gonna do it?

Edanator said...

Step 1 is to simply write and ask. Perhaps there is a veg friendly company out there who have never thought about it but would be willing to switch, perhaps some company already has fake leather. In the second case I'd ask them to write that in the label, for clarity.

Step 2 is to make them realize that having leather tags actually means making less money. I go for the capitalist argument here, rather than the emotional, since companies mostly care about money, not doing good.

dreamy said...

I see... do u have any idea how to differentiate between genunine leather and fake ones?

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