Thursday, May 17, 2007

Animals matter to me

This is a petition to help achieve global recognition that animals matter. To recognize that they feel pain and suffer. To put an end to the cruelty to this world. Cast your vote for a universal declaration of animal welfare. They seek 10 million signatures, but currently, there are less than 5% of the total number.

There are some statements which people may not like in the declaration and it's amendments, such as this one "Acknowledging that the humane use of animals can have major benefits for humans". But then the world cannot possibly go vegan, pushing for a world which 100% accepts that animals exist for their own purposes on Earth and not for our use will not go down well with everybody. Even if the petition doesn't suits everyone's mindset, on the very least, it's helping to move the world towards the less cruel end. This is already better than staying stagnant, or worse, moving in the opposite direction.

Sign the petition here

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