Sunday, May 13, 2007

How one guy flatten his tummy just by going vegan for a month

The photo of his tummy going flatter is really amazing. Check out his 30 day vegan diet here


peaceloving said...

Hi, Dreamy, would like to share with you a very good and positive online television at It is all about positive things in this world, with vegan cooking demo too.

Hope you will enjoy watching it!

Have a Wonderful Week and many more!

dreamy said...

Hi peaceloving,
thanks for sharing :)

Jari said...

Uff, that's a scary and disgusting picture on the top of the article! But it's true his tummy flattening looks impressive to have been just 30 days, especially since he was eating so much of all the fake stuff. I've met fat vegans also though, so I don't know if I'd go advertising it with that. Kind of puts me off too that people could only think about themselves.

dreamy said...

:D I didn't realised that disgusting picture you were refering to were that pile of dead animals and dead animal parts. I guess many are desensitized to that since we are exposed to it everytime we go to the supermart.

Haha.. but then again, it could be a turning point for some ppl to be vegans :)

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