Friday, May 18, 2007

Man stole 74 hens to save their lives

Michal Kolesar is a vegetarian and he has been stealing hens from large scale farms since last August because he doesn't want them to die. He knows he may go to jail for it, but he thinks saved lives are more important than fines or prison.

I have always thought stealing was wrong, and under such conditions I still think it's wrong because it financially damages the farm. But then again, it's lives we are talking about. A real dilemma indeed.

Read about the news here


zlyrica said...

Hmmm, can't he buy it from the farm?

dreamy said...

Buying works, but will it result in more demand? The farm can use the money to buy more animals for slaughter?

zlyrica said...

I think farm normally breed their own animals, but i could be wrong...

It can be a dilemma, isn't it? But i feel we can only do our best and save as much as we could, legally. And hope that the animal farmers will one day realise the vast contrast of their gruesome killing act compared to the peace-loving lives-saving acts of the vegetarians or vegans. I heard of cases where butchers gave up their knives bcos they were touched by compassionated acts of someone.

Stealing per se, is already a negative act, if we apply such method thru out our advocation of vegetarianism, we might be pushing more ppl away from the right cause.

Just my two cents worth.

dreamy said...

I read in a book about the meat companies providing chicks to the farmers and they raised them up for the meat companies :S

Yes, if they can realise it, it will be good! But then they are already pressured by industrial forces and trying to make ends meet.. it's unlikely they think about that, but it's possible. Have u read the book "Mad Cowboy" by Howard F. Lyman? I am half-way thtough it. This guy was a cattle rancher who later became a vegetarian. He wasn't touched by compassionate acts, but he self-awake to his compassion for fellow humans.

Yes we can't steal, that's y it's such a dilemma. Have to use another way, maybe like what u say, help the farmers awake their own compassion :)

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