Thursday, July 19, 2007

101 reasons not to go vegan

Here are some of the one hundred and one reasons (actually, more than that) not to be a vegan.

- Being told "You can pick the meat off." In exasperation, I once replied,"Well, for me that would be the same as if I crapped on your food and told you you could just pick it off. Would you?"
- You feel like you should have a memorized index of recipes, environmental statistics and health facts to draw on in every conversation. How many omnivores get asked what their typical meals are? And how many of them are quizzed on their balance of nutrients or eating ethics?
- excitedly scanning a yummy looking snack.....excitement growing...then at the very bottom of the ingredients seeing "may contain 2% or less of whey.
- When the client you are working for hears you are vegetarian, he says,"Oh, what about your husband. Is he normal?"
- Because my economy teacher said, "It is obvious that a plant-based diet is good for health and the environment, but the economy would suffer greatly and people would lose their jobs if everyone stopped eating meat."
- People are insulted if you won't eat their food when visiting them, and think you're a hassle if you tell them what to cook for you.

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zlyrica said...

I have a fren whom she recently complained about her cholesterol being slightly high and when recommend her to go vegan, she said convenient is her top priority. I was like... "Huh? Since when veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts are hard to find?"

I was wondering what does it take for people to take care of their body? *shrugh*

dreamy said...

I think she was concern about where to get veg food for meals outside?

Perhaps we have all been brought up to think that meat is part of the "food" group.
The otherday I was thinking about the irony of how ppl always say veg diet is unbalanced and malnutritioned when you never see hospitals shut down due to lack of patients living on the supposedly-balanced meat-inclusive diet.

Ace said...

Come on people. I agree with zlyrica about the convience excuse, that is s cop out. That friend just doesn't want to be vegan. But dreamy, you say that like if we all stopped eating meat we'd have no use for hospitals. That's silly. People get hurt and vegans get sick too. In fact i had a vegan friend get sick from eating meat because he hadn't eaten it in so long. (he didn't realize he was eating meat, not a very good vegan huh?) The rest of us were fine. I got no problem with your life choice but don't act like vegans are superhuman that are better than everyone else. There are plenty of fit healthy people that eat meat and balance their diets. I'm just not one of em. I love me some cow product. And boy is milk good and useful.

Anonymous said...

I think that what people don't understand is that there are not tons of health benefits to going vegetarian vs eating meat... It's the way people choose to eat. Avoid processed foods, things w/ high sodium, look for foods full of nutrients, stay within calorie range, eat lots of fruits and veggies, get enough protein, take a multi vitamin if need be, limit alcohol, red meat twice a week, etc etc...

it's not better one way or the other. vegetarians can still get fat, still have high cholesterol, still be malnurished.. but people who eat meat can still be healthy, still eat a balanced diet etc.

know what you're putting into your body in every aspect and what your body needs daily. that's it, that's all.

Anonymous said...

Your a retard! This was suppose to be about not being vegan! Why don't you stop lying about your title!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

fuck you all, go vegies n stuff

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