Friday, July 6, 2007

Meat allowed at Live Earth

Lots of buzz about Live Earth now. You can sign a Live Earth pledge to help our world.

One interesting news about Live Earth I saw recently was that they actually allow burgers and hot dogs to be sold at the concert :o Peta made an interesting rebutt on this, saying it's similar to selling cigarettes at an anti-cancer fundraiser. A recent UN report even states the the meat industry is one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global. This is really ironic because on the Live Earth website they actually state "All Live Earth venues will be designed and constructed by a team of of each sustainability engineers who will address the environmental and energy management challenges concert site, as well as the operations of sponsors, partners and other Live Earth affiliates. Each venue will not only be designed to maintain a minimum environmental impact, but will showcase the latest state-of-the-art energy efficiency, on-site power generation, and sustainable facilities management practices."

I am not trying to put Live Earth down, I am glad that people are taking steps to try to minimise global warming. It's just that the impact of eating meat and animal products on the Earth has always been somehow toned down when they actually cause massive environmental destruction - not only in terms of global warming. I mentioned in my previous post that everything is linked, likewise I also believe, that to solve environmental issues, none of the causes of the environmental problems should be neglected - meat eating included. Also, global warming cannot be dealt with on it's own, it must go hand in hand with measures to solve other environmental problems, which eating meat contributes to as well.

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Anonymous said...

"selling cigarettes in anti-cancer fundraiser"
Hehe... :D

I guess meat eating has to be toned down since it is not easy for the message to be accepted by many people.

Anonymous said...

Hallo, Dreamy,

is peaceloving here, long time no talk ya. :)

the Singapore version of live earth, organised by greenlive ( does invite VSS to participate with exhibition and talks.

The event starts tomorrow 7July and 8jul. along One Fullerton, just opposite Fullerton Hotel.
From 1pm to 10pm for 7jul and from 10am to 10am for 8jul.
The live telecast of the Live Earth concert will be throughout the night of 7jul.

So, at least, someones do acknowledge the benefits for the environment by going vegetarian.

There is HOPE, always........


dreamy said...

Veggiebun, I read in the forum that the media interviewed some ppl who organised earth fest about environment and one of them actually says vegetarianism is one way :) so not too bad, at least some knows!

peaceloving, yes that's great :), but the awareness of vegetarianism as a helping hand to save our earth is most of the time promoted by vegetarian/AR groups. Most other groups don't... thats the prob :(

sketchgrrl said...

It's so important for us to remind people every chance we get that going vegan helps prevent global warming more than even switching to a hybrid car! I made T-shirts that say that.
You can find them at

Edanator said...

I hate that the importance of the food choices are so downplayed, and relatively small lifestyle changes are being treated as world-savers. Where's the balance?

Most people are still unaware of the impact of meat eating, which is yet another reason why we have to constantly explain why we don't eat meat and their destructive behavior goes unchallenged. Maybe it's time to step up this issue some more?

sketchgrrl: Great T-shirts! I have to get me one of those. Maybe that will stop some people from asking stupid questions...

dreamy said...

Hi sketchgrrl,
wow you made those T-shirts? nice :)

Yea Eda, on the live earth webby, the article for top 10 tips for greening ur meals they only say "ease up on the meat" - and that's the 10TH tip :S None of the article titles I saw at that page has the word meat or vegetarian :S

Jackie said...

I know they didn't allow any Animal Rights or Welfare tables here at Live Earth. There were a couple of more caring events held the same day which were not so expensive plus looked at the whole picture not just from Al Gores view so most Vegans went to them.

dreamy said...

That's interesting, what events are they?

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