Saturday, July 14, 2007

Singing cows

Get free stickers at
I’m a steer,
And they’re steering you wrong.
Listen now
(I’m a cow!)
'Cuz I don’t have long.
Our sweet backsides
Would like to stay together.
We don’t want to be your leather.
Won’t you show me some love?
Don’t you make me kid gloves
Or a jacket or a shoe
'Cuz my skin ain’t for you.
Do I make myself clear?
Keep your hands off my rear!


Edanator said...

Did you see the "farting cows" video? It's gross but great.

dreamy said...

No I haven't seen it... you've got the link?

Edanator said...

Just wait out the ads in the beginning and "enjoy". Don't eat while watching....

I hate the linked site! I hope it's ripped to YouTube sooner rather than later.

KleoPatra said...

Love it!

dreamy said...

I thought it was just farting, and I didn't heed ur warning.. it certainly was gross as I saw the loads of poop coming out non-stop! Didn't know cows poop can take so long. If I watched a few more times, argh I think I can't eat..haha..
yes I think it's a good one, one day veg is a start :)

Edanator said...

Ha ha! I warned you TWICE!!!

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