Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vegan food pyramid and badges

If you still got ur old meat and dairy containing food pyramid sticking on the wall or lying around, it's time to dump it for this nice vegan food pyramid.

(Actually I thought it would look better with a background of egypt)
I also came across these nice vegan badge :)
Vegan BadgeClick here if you are not a vegan (for the vegetarian, meat ea-vegetarian, and carnivore badges)
Picture sources: veganfoodpyramid.com, organicfoodcorner.com


KleoPatra said...

dreamy, this is great, thank you!! i like the look and i love what it tells us to do... COOL!

Travegan said...

That's excellent. But yeah, Egypt in the back would make it even cooler, in a way where the pyramid wouldn't be sinking into the Nile. Well, would have to bring out falafel, humus and pita bread then too...

Edanator said...

I don't think this is a scientifically sound pyramid. Why should we only eat moderately from the legume, seed and bean group? They are in no way less nutritious than the cereal group (the opposite, in fact). The beans should be on par with the cereals, or at least ranked "higher" than dairy substitutes. (Why even call it dairy substitutes, btw? This grants dairy a status of golden standard it doesn't deserve.)
Finally, the pyramid perpetuates the nonsense about drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day, which is an urban myth.

dreamy said...

Hi Eda,
this was adapted from the "traditional" meat and dairy containing food pyramid, of course there may be new ways of eating now - like generous helpings of beans and dairy substitutes :) but we can't be sure which is really better for us since we are all different, the vegan pyramid only provides a "standard" of what is recommended... Yea I agree on ur point of the dairy substitutes, maybe vegan dairy? haha..

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