Friday, August 17, 2007

The dove of peace

I thought I will post something not related to vegetarianism or veganism today - the story of the dove of peace. We all know that peace is often represented by a white dove, but how did that come about?

During the second world war, France was occupied by German soldiers. Picasso was in Paris, and an old man and his grandson was his neighbour. The little boy had some doves and each day he will let them out of the cages to fly in the sky with a bamboo pole wrapped in a white cloth. The boy will guide them back to their cages after their flight.

The boy parents died in battle soon after and the boy expressed his revenge by wrapping the pole with red cloth. The Gernan troops found out and killed the boy and his doves. One of the doves was wounded and the grandfather brought it to Picasso to paint a picture of the bird in memory of those who sacrificed their lives for peace. The wounded dove stood up and after the painting was done, the bird died.

This painting was "Peace" and it was presented to the International Peace Conference in Paris and from then on the dove is a symbol of peace.


Veggie Bun said...

oic.. thanks for sharing this story.. I always wondered how the dove came about.. I thought it was because of Florence Nightingale. Haha.. pardon my ignorance.. i thought since nightingale is also a bird so the peace dove is related to this.. :P

dreamy said...

Interesting u see it that way, it's still an intelligent guess imo :)

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