Saturday, October 27, 2007

Vegetarianism in politics

I am not into politics, much less U.S. politics. But I got an email from a lady, Cynthia, who told me the US presidential candidate Mitt Romney, has John Miller of Beef Packing LLC as one of his biggest supporters. May be of interest to you if you are a veg American?

While looking up on Romney, I found something interesting about a defunct political party in the USA known as the "American Vegetarian Party". This party was formed in 1947 and supported the ban on slaughterhouses, liquor, tobacco and medicine. Not surprisingly, there isn't much support for the party, especially since it was in 1947 and they labelled it as a political party. The party dissolved after candidate Symon Gould died in 1963.

Back to the presidential candidates, most people probably know by now that Dennis Kucinich is a vegan. I wonder vegetarians and vegans will vote for him based on that alone. If I could vote, he will be one of those high on my voting list, I like his stand for sustainability and peace.


Edanator said...

You don't have to worry about Romney. He's a mormon. There's no way in hell that he will become the Republican candidate in Christian America.

Never heard of this vegeedtarian party. Interesting! Seem like a secterian party though. Why were they against medicine?

Kucinich would be a mainstream leftist in Europe, but in right-wing USA, he's almost seen as a communist.

dreamy said...

I guess it's because medicine uses drugs tested on animals? That's just a guess though..

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