Monday, November 26, 2007

5th vegetarian anniversary

Today marks the start of the 6th year of my becoming vegetarian. It all started on 26 November 2002, when my passport expired and I was forced to stay in Malaysia for a few days. I decide to set an official date to go vegetarian and it was to coincide with international meatless day (25 November every year), however, I made a mistake of eating some bee hoon kueh served in meat based soup. My mum suggested that I eat less but not totally no meat, but I was bent on becoming a vegetarian, and this dispute caused a lot of distress. Eventually, my hard-headnesses won, I went veg on the 26th. Veganism started about a couple of years later, but I didn't set a specific date for it. My story of why I went vegetarian and eventually vegan is here. Here is another story of how a convict became a vegetarian, a touchy one though. If you became a veg, do share your story too.


Edanator said...

Happy Anniversary! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dreamy,
Glad to find another blog on vegan.
I can understand the distress you had gone thru espy if you are the 1st or only one in family to be vegetarian.
May there be more vegetarians :-)


Sunny said...

Hi Dreamy,
It's not an easy move to be a vegetarian if your family is not and eventually a vegan.
I have also moved slowly from reducing meat-intake towards vegetarian over the years but not completely yet.
So I salute you for your achievement :-)

Travegan said...

Happy vegetarianniversary! (Veganniversary is a more reasonable word, no? Mine is on New Year Day, so it's easy to remember... New year resolution of 1996 to go vegan. :-))

Anonymous said...

Any idea where to get nice & reasonably priced Vegan court (working) shoes & wallets in Spore?
Those links to Vegan Items on Aunction at right column are kind of expensive leh.

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

I forgotten what was the date that i go vegetarian !

Happy Anniversay, Dreamy. I can easily remember the day you turn vegetarian :)

dreamy said...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone :)

Hi ananymous1, I wasn't the 1st, but it still has some distress.

Hi Sunny, perhaps you can pick an official day to go vegetarian, that can firm your aspiration :)

Cool, I didn't know u have a resolution to go vegan Jari

Hi Anonymous2, the last I heard from my friend Charles and Keith has some pleather ones.. you can usually check with the sales man/woman whether or not it's made of real leather.

Since you remember my anniversary, will you want to treat me to any of your homecooked food for my anniversary Crystal? hehe

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Dreamy, when i decide to cook on your anniversary, then i let you know :)

dreamy said...

Hey... that's for my to choose Crystal, its My anniversary :D

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