Friday, November 2, 2007

The cat, the lady boss, and the bookstore

Today after lunch, one of my collegues brought us to see a friend who runs a bookstore nearby. The friend, who was also the lady boss, has got a really fat cat who lives in the bookstore and is adored by many people. The cat has an almost white body so the boss named her snow white, but one unique thing about her is that she has a brown tail and she's got a poise like she's the boss or the queen. Snow white has a dark history unknown even to the lady boss. When the she first found the stray, she was already an adult cat with a broken hip. The lady was really kind-hearted and took her in and eventually with proper care, she was back to normal.

The lady is really an animal lover, she can talk non-stop about snow white as well as the pet dogs and cats she has or once had, but it was really interesting listening to her. At one point she talks about how they can know and feel etc. and she suddenly says with a laugh on something like "Animals are so __ , I wonder how people can eat them?" This statement brought about a split second of uncomfortable silence. While I was busy wondering if this lady is a vegetarian, my collegue broke it by mentioning something about cats being eaten in China.

If you like to take a peep at Snow White, the bookstore is one of the shophouses at the junction of New bridge road and Neil Road.

Other stuff...
Yesterday, I ate my first multi-coloured Indian corn from China (which I used to think was diseased corn). It looks disgusting, and it's taste is a little dry and powdery and tough compared to the normal yellow-looking corn, but it's a good experience for someone who has not tried 1950s and 60s food.


Anonymous said...

So is the lady boss vegetarian? I know many animal lovers are not vegetarian.

dreamy said...

That's still a mystery! :) When I next visit snow white I will let you know, but I am not sure when that will be :p

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