Sunday, March 2, 2008

American beef cow

A nice song + guitar performance by Ven Heng Sure.


Anonymous said...

This is interesting, it seems that he visited Malaysia when he sang the song? Any idea if he will be in Spore?

Sunny said...

Thanks for introducing Venerable to us. I just checked the web & found that he actually has his own blog:
Hmm, interesting...Will read more abt him.


zlyrica said...

I was there at the performance during the 5th Buddhist Conference in KL. A few frens and i really enjoy the song, we laughed so hard in the hall.

Below is a link to his American Beef Cow lyrics and where to buy his CD if anyone interested:

Ven. Heng Sure on Vegan Lifstyle:

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Nice one :)

dreamy said...

Hi Anonymous, that I am not too sure..

Cool :) Thanks sunny. He was ordained under Master Hsuan Hua thats all I know.. haha

Anonymous said...

Hi Dreamy,
I happen to visit the existing book fair at Bras Basah Complex and saw a Buddhist book booth located between Awareness place & the Library. It is set up by shurangama buddhist society which promotes the teachings of Master Hsuan Hua. Many free distribution good books there & from 11 to 14 Mar, Ven. Heng Yang from DRBA(USA)is conducting Chinese Dharma talk at their centre: 203B Lavender street near Eminent Plaza 7.30pm -9.30pm.
Ven's name caught my attention after reading yr blog on Ven Heng Sure. I think it is Worth attending.

dreamy said...

Hi anonymous, thanks! I happen to be looking for his talks on dharma vol 1 - 10 as well :)

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