Saturday, June 7, 2008

Being vegan is normal

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If you can't view it, this website contains quotes from some vegans and what being vegan is. Here are the words.

Being vegan is totally normal
"I enjoy my life, and I allow all other creatures to enjoy theirs as well"
- Sefi J., Pensioner

No passing fad: Respect and fairness for all creatures
"I win with bulls and bears, but no animal loses as a result."
- Thomas W. (MBA), Business consultant, Pilot, Gourmet

Vegans only miss out on one thing, a bad conscience.
"The only animals in our restaurant kitchen are us."
- Irene and Charly S., Restaurateurs

How to recognise if someone lives vegan? By their relaxed smile or course!
"I work like an animal, but no animal works for me."
-Franz H., Organic farmer

To enjoy life with respect for other lives - an enriching and satisfying way of living for hedonists, movers and shakers, bankers, pensioners, farmers, managers, hikers, athletes, body builders, labourers, couch potatoes, stars, thinkers, fat people, thin people, beautiful people

- for everybody actually!

What defines people who are vegan is not merely a question of a particular style or fly-by-night fashion, but a question of respect for the sanctity of the lives of others.

It is an expression of a sense of justice; it is social thinking interpreted in an all-encompassing way. Vegans consider the equality between humans and animals as normal as the equality between men and women.

Important to note: there are, of course, many different groups but, to live and enjoy being vegan is an individual question of conscience. It requires no coercion or forced commitment - enjoying a life based on fairness is voluntary and free from rules and regulations.

Freedom is normal - especially for vegans!

Being vegan has nothing to do with abstaining, dieting, or being esoteric. At the end of the day having the right to live and enjoy life is not some aloof concept belonging to people who are detached from reality, but rather a basic right for every feeling individual - whether human or animal.

And because equality is alone a pleasure in itself, pleasure without a bad conscience is twice as much fun. And that is why you will find so many gourmets amongst the vegan population.

Eating and drinking with awareness is part of the vegan lifestyle.

Vegans don't belong to sects and no, vegans don't all stand out in a crowd because they wear sandals or Indian scarves - even if the ocassional one does. Vegans also wear suits and jeans! Being vegan has nothing to do with fashion. Being vegan is totally normal!


Jackie said...

Very nice post. Thanks.

dreamy said...

Hi Jackie, the words were taken from the website, the website was beautifully done imo :)

Becoming Vegetarian said...

I completely agree. Becoming a vegan being is completely normal and should be celebrated.

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