Saturday, December 13, 2008

More going green by eating greens

There is yet another article on the Straits Times on going green by eating green. (Click on article to enlarge).

It is interesting that people make diet switches to "save money" because it is not the case if you are looking to eating out as a veg. Healthy veg food are more pricey when you eat out as they are usually not the ones to be found at hawker centres and coffee shops. However, if you cook at home and use little or no mock meat, maybe it does help save more money.

On another note...
The important role the media plays in promoting vegetarianism

An increasing number of people are concern with saving the planet after the link between meat-eating and environment issues gain publicity with the media.

I remember all the while veg organizations were promoting the veg cause using environmental reasons but it never seem to take off so much as "going veg for animals".

Then comes the Inconvenient truth and global warming, along with Live Earth with the video of the cows pooping away and causing global warming. It did brought some awareness, but it's still being brushed aside. Perhaps some people are starting to think about vegetarianism at this stage, but it takes a lot of determination to go against the flow.

We then hear Dr Patchauri saying we should eat one veg meal a week, at the same time we see news and the papers start to publise more and more veg related articles. With this we see mindset changes and more people accepting going veg for the environment.

This shows how important the media is and how it can make something that is previously shunned, mainstream. People like to "belong" and tend to take what is in the media as "authority" and "following that means you belong and are with the mainstream society". Thankfully we are now showing the devastating effects of meat consumption and environment on media (which is the truth), instead of how good, nutritious and fresh meat tastes.


Anonymous said...

Media power is incredible.
Look at those FoodHunt variety shows that promoted tourism for the countries.
It would be good if there could be sponsors to shoot one for vegetarian foodhunt!

Urban Vegan said...

I can't believe this isn't promoted more...too much money to be made by selling meat and dairy. Ugh.

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

The huge readership is the main thing in media power, even if only 1% read that article and only 0.5% start to think about it is good enough for such movement.

The ability to put a clear and strong message across, convincing enough? And sell the point or at least trigger others to think about it is also very crucial. It sends a signal to those who are eager to go into that, you are not alone and unified the people with the same mindset …

Next, how to sustain for all parties? That is the challenging part and worth looking into it … Just like, I can tell a poor kid that education is important, is the key out of poverty. Without the environment, without schools, without books, without teachers, nothing can be achieved at the end.

Do ALL Catholic go meatless on Friday? If not, such a beauty act should be revived, and it also plays an important part in ‘Save the Earth’. Catholic Schools might want to consider having a meatless Friday every week. :)

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