Monday, November 30, 2009

Is global warming for real?

Now, everywhere in the world, we are talking about global warming. Some groups agree with it, some groups think it's just a big fat lie, other groups make use of this to promote their own agenda or make money out of it.

I personally find this debate over the truth of global warming a waste of time. If it is true, then we should go all out to conserve and save resources. If it is false, we should still go all out to conserve and save resources. Why? Because treasuring and not wasting what we have is a virtue in itself. If we decide not to conserve and save, eventually the truth gets worse or the false may become true. We shouldn't wait till we are thirsty to dig a well.

Speaking of global warming, our City Square Mall which just opened not long ago was dubbed an eco-mall with it's eco features - water saving, energy saving etc. Nice. However, the introduction of a new mall in SG simply adds on to the total water and energy consumption in SG, not reduce it. The many existing malls could be modified to be more eco-friendly instead. If a mini-park was constructed instead of the mall, and trees planted, wouldn't it be better? Our lives are hectic and stressful enough, real rest comes from relaxation, not blasting our eyes with more lights, our ears with more sound, our nose with more smells, our tongue with more tastes, our body with more tactile sensations, our mind with more stuff. It's really sad that we have reach a point where we hardly know how to relax and think relaxation simply means numbing our mind and five senses with more stimulation.

I was near this eco-friendly mall recently and thought I should go in and check out the vegetarian stalls. I was surprised by the large number of food outlets and two food courts, with a third one about to open. Why are there so many food courts congregated in an eco-friendly mall? Also, I don't see a single vegetarian stall in both the banquet and kopitiam food courts, nor any vegetarian restaurant among the many restaurants in the building. I do see the usual guys like McD's and KFC. Talk about being eco-friendly :s


Anonymous said...

Check out this informative and inspiring video on why people choose vegan:

Also see Gary Yourofsky:

Anonymous said...

It's all about the money. Do they care that adding more brick and mortar to the earth is actually killing it? Nope. They just want to be seen as "helping" when, in reality, they are doing nothing to help. It's really a rather stupid way of thinking. The world does not NEED another McDonalds!

Tom Bailey said...

I do not blog about being vegan but I am vegan and have a number of vegan readers on my blog. I like your blog. You have some useful information - I find that when I hang around vegans that they have other "Issues" in their lives that people point to....

I could include a list of a dozen but...
- they are not financially well off
- they do not look healthy... strange how their are fat vegans but there are - too much tofu chocolate pie?
- it does not work for most men.. look up the famous vegan men... they are not seen as very attractive.

Global warming? - We talked about this too... what is the problem? Even Al Gore said he will not become vegetarian he said it was over protien... real reason I suspect? He does not want to be grouped in with people with problems.

I like your theme of your blog.

Best regards,
Tom Bailey

Tom said...

Amy's right - it's all about the money. Any 'movement' is another opportunity to sell products.
Don't worry too much about global warming. What's really going to happen in 2012 is a massive plague that will be spread through fast food burgers leaving us vegans to frolic in the sun! (as stupid as I'm trying to be, I can see that actually happening...)

dreamy said...

Amy and Tom: I agree, it's $$!

Bailey: Yes, vegans still need to watch what they eat :) I believe like many others, gore simply just can't forsake the taste of meat.

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