Saturday, November 21, 2009

Monkey brains

I have to say that it's really strange that in Asia, we were told that eating pig brains can help you become smarter, eating frog legs can give strength to your legs and all these sort of nonsenses. People will go eat them and strengthen (whether or not it really does) whichever part of them that feels weak. This is especially so when people heard that something is an aphrodisiac. Whether or not it really is, they go mad and spend their hard earned money buying animal body parts to have some selfish pleasure. This is really shameless. If you lived in Asia, you probably have heard of the monkey brain dish. This is an extremely cruel practice where the brain is eaten directly out of the monkey. The monkey will scream (of course they will be muffled up) and they will cry as they die a painful death for someone else's selfish greed. I came across this photo and wish to specially decicate it to people who like to eat monkey brains and cruel dishes or people who are thinking of trying them out.


The Hungry Ang Mo said...

I can't agree with you more. The monkey brain 'delicacy' is truly horrific, so is the way any animal is killed, even in conventional abattoirs. It's never the peaceful death people like to picture.

Hopefully now the younger generations are more educated, it will help to stamp out these sort of vile practices.

Good post!

Eve Jelebi said...

Thanks for sharing this.

It was really shocking but a powerful image, nonetheless.

Id like to know whereabouts in Asia are monkey brains eaten like that?
This is pretty appalling.

I love your site. I have just moved to Singapore and your links and reviews on vegan local fare and restaurants are priceless.

dreamy said...

Ang Mo: Yes! I hope they won't overwhelmed their compassionate hearts with their greed for food as well!

Eve: Everywhere! China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. So far I have not heard in sold in Sg, thankfully.
Thank you. You can find more veggie outlets from the Vegetarian society singapore website :)

Cialis Online said...

This is really interesting, I don't believe in those beliefs actually I know that eating frogs can helps us for other things because of the properties its meat have but never that eating frog legs can give strength to our legs.

Anonymous said...

Brain doesn't feel any pain, screams are normal screeching sounds coming from the monkey which it normally produces. I'm sure any noise produced would be just from the discomfort or confusion of not being able to move around.

bjarne said...

Its not normal to eat that and its not alloud any more. Its hard punishment for this now adays. They did it before and it was even popular but now it maybe happen a few times but as i said not normal

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