Friday, December 25, 2009

Pet turkey

Merry Christmas! Here's a video of a girl with her pet turkey years ago.

There is a saying in Chinese:
Seeing it alive, we can't bear to see it die;
hearing its sound, we can't bear to eat its flesh.

Before I became a vegetarian I had a a struggle with my guilt and this was what I did instead to overcome the meal-battles with it...
Seeing its body, I refuse to think about it when it's alive;
Eating its flesh, I refuse to visualise its death.

I am glad I lost my battle to guilt because I have never regretted since.

If you are having trouble becoming a vegetarian, and keep getting tempted by meat, you may find contemplating and visualising the animal when it is alive and till it is killed helpful. You may also want to feel yourself in the shoes of the animal.

Don't worry about missing out good food. Many people tell me that I am missing out good food and ask do I not feel like wanting to eat meat? I can tell you honestly, that after being a veg for sometime, meat dishes will smell revulsive. Not to even mention which taste good or not. So just do it, go veg!

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Anonymous said...

Check out this informative and inspiring video on why people choose vegan:

Also see Gary Yourofsky:

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