Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pig farmer went vegetarian and gave up raising pigs

The video is in Chinese. However I have summarised most of it below.

The man in the video was previously a pig farmer. During peak periods, the number of pigs could go up to 160. His family have been raising pigs for more than 20 years, but he don't dare to eat pork. In 2009, he decided to forgo his pig raising business and become a vegetarian. He treat the remaining pigs as his pets now and feed them a vegetarian diet.

When asked why he decide to forgo his pig raising business?
During a normal visit from the pig dealer to catch his pigs to send for slaughter, what is usually done is they will put a sack over the pigs' head and the pig dealer will pull the pigs by the tail up to the vehicle. The pigs will normally cried out loudly and resist. But there was one pig that was different, it was silent and it just look at the pig farmer as if asking "Where am I going?" Then it walked up the vehicle itself. The farmer was taken aback by this reaction and at night he couldn't sleep. At 3am, he sped to the abattoir wanting to buy the pig back, but by the time he arrived, only it's trotter was left.

He felt very pained, and said that this pig saved him, he realised that they are full of sentience.

When asked what do pigs eat to grow up?
He said whether pigs are fat all depends on how people feed them. If he wants the pig to be fat in a certain area, he can control it. If he wants the pig to sleep for more than 10 hours, he can control it. He controls by using medicine or stuff in the pig feed. During cold days and hot days they can't sleep, or they don't eat as much. So they will feed the pigs with some stuff, and the pigs will want to eat again. It is not because they are naturally hungry that they eat, but they eat because there is no choice, they are controlled.

Usually after eating meat, you feel tired, want to sleep, or women had their menstruation earlier, these are due to the contents in the pig feed. These contents are still widely used today and farmers like to use it.

When asked what benefits are there letting the pigs eat a vegetarian diet?
He showed three tubs of food. One containing only vegetables which did not have worms in it. The tub with milk and egg grew some small worms. The tub with meat grew big fat worms.

His pigs have been vegetarian for four months and they slimed down and look better. Ordinarily, pigs will fall sick when they slim down, but not these vegetarian pigs. Even the man on his vegetarian diet slimed down and some of his ailments resolved themselves. He showed one pig whose leg was almost gone from a big tumour growing on it, but after eating a vegetarian diet, the tumour was gone.

Whether he considered letting someone else raise his pigs?
He said he considers them as his own children so he wouldn't just give them away no matter how difficult it will be for himself.


Manasi said...

Thank you for the translations. It is very touching too. Hope there are many people like this farmer who realize what they are dong is wrong and change themselves.

dreamy said...

This video is quite powerful, if only we can have one for each type of animal farmer.

I showed this video to a colleague and she felt very touched, she said when she was served pork soup, she felt a bit disgusted now.

Jo said...

Hi, as a form of courtesy, I would like to inform you that I’ll be using some of your English translation to this video for my blog post. I have lots of international readers and I don’t want them to miss out the meaningful video should they not understand mandarin. I would be modifying certain parts of your words but they should more or less look the same and I do not want to be seen as plagiarising and hence this note here. =)

dreamy said...

Hi Jo,


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