Thursday, March 17, 2011

Donating vegetarian food for disaster hit victims

We all know about the recent 9.0 magnitude earthquake, the Tsunami and the nuclear radiation problem in Japan. Organizations are now rushing to help the people of Japan.

But what if you want to donate vegetarian or vegan food?

Currently there are 2 organizations I know of that provides vegetarian food during disaster relief. I am not sure if the food is vegan, but it's the closest you can get.

1) Food for life global
You can donate online to their Emergency Relief Fund on their website.

2) Tzu Chi
Tzu Chi has several headquarters worldwide, including Taiwan, USA, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Philippines, Canada, Japan, Singapore. Click here for their website where you can choose your location and see how you can help.

Tzu Chi Singapore will be carrying out a fund raising drive in aid of the victims of the deadly earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and the collection will begin from 18th March to 30th April.

Donation boxes will be placed at their premises as below from 18th March:
1. Tzu Chi Foundation - 9 Elias Road, Singapore 519937
2. Tzu Chi Free Clinic - 90 Redhill Close #01-400, Singapore 150090
3. Tzu Chi Free Health Screening Centre - 328, Jurong East Street 31, #01-138 Singapore 600328

Cash donations will also be accepted at Tzu Chi Foundation at 9 Elias Road, Singapore 519937.

Cheque donations should be made payable to "Tzu Chi Foundation", with "Japan Relief 2011" written at the back.

Unfortunately, Tzu Chi does not have online donation available.

Both FFL and Tzu Chi are also helping victims of the recent Christchurch quake.


vegging around said...

I am so glad you are sharing this for people who want to donate food and stay true to their vegetarian or vegan beliefs. To clarify, the instant rice and nuts that Tzu Chi has been sending to Japan are vegan, although food that Tzu Chi Chapters cooks there locally may contain egg or dairy products.
More importantly, Tzu Chi does accept online donations here.

dreamy said...

Hi Vegging around,

I hope you can encourage Tzu Chi not to use eggs or dairy in their chapters worldwide.

This is because eggs are not vegetarian - even if they are not fertilised, they can still hatch. This has been proven by science.

As for dairy, although there is no killing involved directly, the cows will eventually be killed with they are spent. And their calves will too be killed or join in as dairy cows like their mothers.

Please kindly feedback to Tzu Chi not to support Dairy and Egg industry.

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