Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Letting kids interact with animals positively

I wished there is such a place in Singapore and all the children will be brought there to interact with the animals on a field trip! Kids are not brain-washed with all the stuff in our world yet, so when the right things are taught to them, they can accept it more readily. Very importantly - they should be taught the right concepts that animals are like us - love happiness and hate suffering. Not those "What are animals used for?", "horses are meant for us to ride", "cows are here to give us milk", "chickens are meant for KFC" and "sheep will give us wool" kind of rubbish. Most of the kids here grew up only seeing dead pigs, dead chickens and dead ducks unfortunately. Even if they go to the zoo, they don't teach them to the right connection with the animals - not when the kids are served dead animals for meals.

If you have a kid, please take all care to educate him or her the right way - to love animals, and not to eat or use them, just like how the little boy is taught in the video below.


Joy said...

I totally agree with you! Children should be taught from young to be compassionate and have respect for animals. It is a pity that this is not included within the moral eduacation in primary school!

dreamy said...

Hi Joy,

Yes it's really a pity! In fact, I find that the moral education is insufficient in the sense that it's only taught in books, not really emphasized in daily life. Children are only taught how to score straight As and aim for a good university and earn lots of money later.

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