Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vegetarian marathon

Nope, this isn't a run for vegetarians. It's not an eating contest either.

All you have to do is to form a team of 2, pay $20 as a team. Find a day between 25th November and 4th December, call up 90390066 or 98740778 to reserve seats for dinner at #01-06 Fortune Centre.

You will be served 10 vegetarian dishes and answer questions related to the dishes. That's all. If you're lucky, you'll qualify for the second round between 10 and 11 Dec, and perhaps you may win prizes stated on the poster.


VeganAsh said...

heya, just want to get my blog ( out there for a good cause, do you mind linking me on your blog? :) btw, very comprehensive blog, love it and linked it :) i wish i could go for the Veg Marathon but i'll be overseas... :<

Anonymous said...

just beware of this site, no updated date of their "Vegetarian marathon" keep on changing times and date ....worst of all Foods r tasteless!

dreamy said...

Dear Anonymous,

There isn't a website I am recommending, nor am I organizing this marathon. If you require any clarifications for the marathon, which is likely to be over by now, you should contact the organizers directly on the posters.

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