Monday, December 12, 2011

Vegetarian carnivores: a cat and a lion

These are some of the most amazing animals who exhibit much kindness despite being carnivores.

Some of you may have already heard of the cat Dante, who refuses to eat meat. He was found abandon and starving, yet refused to eat meat even at that point, but instead gobbled down some leftover vegetables, he continue to refuse meat after that and remains healthy. He does not bother himself with the other animals in the house - from hamsters to fish, but instead hunts bits of string. His owner trys to sneak in meat to him but if he spots it he will refuse. I wish his owner will just get him some vegan cat food if she's worried.

Now what about a lion? A big cat who refuses meat!

This lioness wouldn't even drink milk mixed with one drop of blood, not to say turning its head away from meat. It was also gentle to other animals (that are usually food for lions), and little chicks hid in her fur for protection. Here's her story
Some animals are more human than humans. Please don't eat them!

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