Monday, January 2, 2012

三花 San Hua - a documentary on cat and dog meat industry in China

Below is a documentary (in chinese) about the cat and dog meat industry in China, and the struggles of cat and dog lovers trying to protect these animals when there is no proper lawful protection of them. One fur trader revealed that probably 80% of the meat from the fur trade goes into making ham sausages! At this rate, it could still be a long while before veganism grow over there.


jhailstone said...

That would be so weird to eat a dog or a cat. Here in America they are pets, friends, and family members. We even have animal doctors. I had rabbits for pets when I was a child and I didn't want to join in eating them when I discovered they were my pets for dinner. My farming type mom cooked them up. She didn't kill them though, some dogs did.

BC said...

If u think its weird and cruel to eat dogs cats rabbits, why is it different for a cow horse chicken? Because meat dairy Lobby already brainwashed people. And we get diseases from being so cruel from eating meat dairy. Its out of date now to follow governmt & lobbys health diet running after our money through health care, hospital, medecine drugs. More people know humans r herbivores. Cant say I didnt know! Better eat smart!

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