Sunday, April 15, 2012

Very powerful, straightforward, honest speech by Gary Yourofsky

This is the real truth. The real truth. One of the best speeches I have seen. You have to watch this. If you are not vegan, his speech will give you much to think about.


Pixie said...

How on earth are there no comments on this? As a gourmet, omnivore, and forward-thinking human being (who adores animals), it suddenly occurs to me that everything I have ever known is true.

From reading Rachel Carsons' "Silent Spring", to the "fit for life" people with the same "bunny rabbit vs. apple" my love of organic gardening.

The kicker, though...was the animal abuse...the scared, rolling eyes of the gentle bovines, the horrible abuse given to dairy calves. I can't take their pain.

As a food blogger, and meat eater, I am going to have to make some serious changes in my life.

I'm reminded of the times that when I saw a dolphin at an aquarium, I cry, uncontrollably. I don't know why......but now, I think I do.

The mere fact that we can feed the entire world (including all of the starving population groups out there), with the grain that we feed the cows we are about to kill....bothers me, and yes, I love meat, too.

Signed....someone who wants to change....

dreamy said...

Hi Pixie, you could start with a veggie thursday! :)

Anonymous said...

im sorry but gary yourofsky is a sorry excuse of a human being

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