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A detailed look at "Ground up male chicks"

I have some vegetarian friends who eat eggs, and claim they are not fertilized so it is fine. I really do not understand what is it that we need from egg. Protein? Cholesterol? Or maybe B12. But B12 in egg is pretty low - about 0.6 mcg - even if you eat 3 eggs a day, it's still not sufficient to meet the daily requirement. Sometimes I think it may be the deception that the society insisted we follow otherwise we don't feel comfortable: "eat a little bit of animal products! You will be missing something from just plants alone." Well perhaps in the 1800s or earlier. Nowadays there are fortified foods and supplements for everyone, even for vegans. And yet, all the more we are worried about a deficiency compared to the past.

Anyway, I digressed. About eggs, there is something called parthenogenesis if you have not yet known... Basically, unfertilized eggs can hatch via this route. Well, maybe an embryo isn't really alive someone says, and besides many cases it don't survive to the stage where it's got the features of a chick. Alright... then you have to see the picture below.

This is what happens when we support the egg industry by our consumption of eggs. It will happen whether the eggs we eat are fertilized or not, because egg-layer hens need to be replaced when they are worn out. To introduce young hens would mean hatching eggs and selecting only those that give females. The chance to get female is almost 50% / 50% so the rest of the males are grounded and very likely placed into pet feed.

"Hundreds of thousands of baby male chicks are either ground up alive or discarded like trash to die more slowly, piled by the hundreds, even thousands, on top of one another in bins every single day in order to satiate the egg and chicken-meat industry. The majority of male chicks are basically useless to both industries, so they are considered to be “trash”. I can not tell you how hard I’ve cried watching documentary video of countless live baby chicks, freezing to death in garbage bins out in the winter cold. So, which is the more brutal scenario? Is there a more brutal scenario?" ~ Anthony Damiano on the realities caused by the consumption of chicken-based products.


annie lizzie said...

Human's are omnivores. Anyone who makes a conscious choice to avoid meat eggs or dairy is straining nature and denying their body the things it needs for optimal health. I agree we should farm as humanely as possible consistent with feeding the population at an economic level and I think we need people to remind us sometimes of what goes on behind closed doors but it bothers me almost as much that some people delude themselves into thinking that they are virtuous for being vegetarian or vegan. It is rather silly. Actually I rarely eat meat because I don't like it but I do recognise that I am designed to eat it and need it at least occasionally.

Angel Neill said...

Going vegan was the best thing I ever did in my life and I commend you for this post. Now I can sleep well, knowing that I do not condone what goes on in the factory-farming industry. Although I cannot stop it alone, I refuse to take part in it. Well said. If only everyone cared and saw the light of truth we would solve numerous issues we are facing on this planet. In response to Annie Lizzie- we are actually NOT designed to eat meat, we are herbivores (like our closest counterparts, chimps)- that is why our teeth are dull and flat, even our canines (like those of other herbivores) and our stomachs are not designed to eat flesh- the stomachs and intestines of carnivores are very short so that the meat doesn't have time to rot inside them (like it does in humans). Also, our fingers are shaped perfectly to pick apart fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds- not strong enough to tear through raw hide. You should do more research before assuming that you are an omnivore. We are only omnivores because we live in a society where gluttony is synonymous with status.

dreamy said...

Hi Annie,

I beg to differ. Many people have been saying we descended from cavemen and that their diet was omnivorous in the past. This evolution brought to today where we are omnivorous.

If it was correct, then in the same way, what we choose now will decide what human beings will eat in the future, if we eat a plant-based diet, the future diet of human race will evolved to become plant-based.

It shouldn't be that in the past we are such and such, we should follow it and continue to be such and such, the future can always be changed. So being omnivorous or vegan, it all can be changed and it is not fixed.

Being vegan is not about having a superiority complex feeling virtuous. I dun feel that when telling people I am vegan, but sometimes I do sense that they think i do. I dunno why it happens this way, but I believe it is something that has got to do with our natural instinct of trying to cause the least harm possible, and not eating animal products encourages that.

If you cannot avoid eating meat totally, but are doing your best, it is still good. But I do encourage you to find out how to balance a vegan diet properly and explore the possibilities of embarking on such a lifestyle.

Dear Angel,
Good going! Glad you made this decision! :)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see some actual proof of what's happening to these chicks, and what they're being used for. Aside from that one video, there's really no proof that this is a regular occurrence. I mean really, why not tell people what the chicks are being put into so that they STOP BUYING FROM THEM TO BEGIN WITH?? If people stopped buying the product, there would be less demand for it, and therefore less demand for baby chicks. On top of that, there is a industry for selling chicks, why would they go through the trouble of getting a special machine just for grinding them up when they can just box them up and ship them somewhere else??? None of this makes sense aside from being used as some guilt trip-scare tactic to get people to change their eating habits.

dreamy said...

Dear Anonymous,

You can take a look at a video here, this is undercover investigation, and you don't get that many undercover investigations going on.

The egg industry will not allow their secrets to be leaked, that will ruin their business. So you have this AR groups going undercover to video these truths out. And besides, many people, continue to turn a blind eye to these issues even after they are shown the video. They just don't care.

Male chicks cannot produce eggs, so they are practically useless in the egg industry. If you are saying they can be sold and ship somewhere else - where is the place you have in mind? If you refer to the meat industry, Chicks selected for the meat industry are different, they are genetically able to produce more meat per chick compared to an egg industry chick.

You can watch FOWL PLAY - the documentary on egg industry. To see what it is like for the male chicks (as well as the suffering the female chicks have to go thru)
(watch from 7:08 onwards for the male chicks part)

This is not a guilt-trap. What happens is for real.

Anonymous said...

You need to get your facts straight - people who have been vegans for DECADES and are very healthy are living proof we DON'T need meat. And if we don't need it then the only reason for causing untold suffering is because we are so selfish that we put our own whims and desires before the extreme pain, fear and death of fellow earthlings.

Dave Pilgrim said...

People will come up with all kinds of arguments and excuses just to try to justify continuing to fill their selfish bellies with the bodies of innocents whose lives were once as precious to them as those greedy humans own lives are to them. People need to stop trying to justify their selfish actions and start thinking of others

Anonymous said...

Life is cheap. Get over it.

TheMysteryofRichy said...

Okay first of all to those who say we are suited for only a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. Bull shit, Humans have evolved from a common ancestor with ape some of whom are omnivores. Evolution bends to suit, Millions of people live into their 90s and past 100 having meat in their diet so that point is mute.

I obviously have meat in my diet, Do i like where it comes from ofcourse not but were not the only animal that kills to eat even when other choices are available. This factory genocide however disgusts me. If your not going to eat it don't kill it & certainly don't kill it just because it won't make you money. How people can do that with knowledge that their ending thousands of lives a day is beyond me.

Annoymous life is not cheap. Open your eyes, Look how rare life is in our universe. How can you say life is cheap with a straight face. Either you're speaking out your butt or you're ignorant.

I know vegans will probably jump on me for what iv'e said above or have some sort of i'll feelings towards me but i don't care i love animals and have saved many but i do love meat occasionally. My policy is if your going to kill something you better eat it. The pointless slaying of these male chicks is nothing but immoral and goes against everything humanity is suppose to represent

Anonymous said...


Human anatomy is not designed to eat meat, you cannot compare us to carnovires in the wild: please, I dare you, go and capture an animal with your bare hands, and tear the flesh from its bones with your blunt teeth, swallow it raw without getting sick, and then tell me we are the same as other carnivorous animals in the wild.

we are capable of reason, and logic, and we should use those qualities to live the lifestyle that is most beneficial to us and most beneficial to other species. the fact is, when you consume meat, you are prioritising your most superfluous needs over another sentient beings life, there is no excuse, period. if only humans could have evolved some compassion along with their opposable thumbs..hmm

Anonymous said...

We're actually designed to be vegetarian. Just like the ape. Do your research. Our insides and bodies are not build to need meat or any animal product at ALL!

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