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Liver and gallbladder cleanse review 1

I have been told by my relatives and my dad about the liver & gallbladder flush by Andreas Moritz.

Was quite skeptical about passing out stones - especially huge calcified ones. And more incredibly, without pain due to the apple juice softening the stones. But logically speaking, mini stones as well as sludge can move out of the system with a flush, that I believe.

Read some reviews on him being a quack, but on the other hand I heard positive reviews from many who have done the flush - including stones with a 80% cholesterol composite (bile only contains 0.3% cholesterol, and olive oil has none, so the "stone" has a high chance of being a cholesterol stone). It will be fair to give the procedure a try before judging.

I did not follow Andreas Moritz's instructions in the book 100%. But I did my best to do so, including eating meals lighter in fat throughout the 7 day program.

Six 1 litre cartons of apple juice, I use the German brand Bio Voelkel. The juice is organic and unfiltered.

Day 1 to 5

1 carton of apple juice throughout the day. Everything was more or less ok, except more frequent urges to go to the toilet.

Day 6

I finished the 1 carton apple juice by morning according to instructions. It was terrible. May be too acidic for my stomach to handle. By early afternoon, I started to get terrible pains and aches on my upper back and shoulders. Later on, it developed to slight pain and tenderness in my stomach area. Since you have to fast after lunch, I can't eat anything to help with what feels like a gastric problem that used to happen during my university days of irregular meals. I was quite scared as it was the last day and I still have to drink the lemon+orange+olive oil emulsion at night, but didn't want to give it up.

This problem went on for a few hours until I drank the Epsom salt once I reach home around 7+ pm.

I felt tired, dizzy, and tender at my stomach area, so went to sleep (not in the detox protocol).

(This is very important especially if you have gastric problems. My gastric problem was slight in the past, and dormant until this cleanse. So if you intend to do this cleanse with a gastric problem, it may be better to use an apple juice alternative mentioned in the book. Certainly not 1 litre of apple juice in the morning on day 6.)

After another dose of epsom salt at around 9pm, I down the emulsion around 11pm and prayed it won't kick up a gastric attack. The emulsion felt "spicy" in the stomach - something I dread. But I kept to the instructions of lying on the right side of the body for 20 minutes before changing positions. You can feel movements on the liver side of your tummy. I couldn't get back to sleep until after a long while of tossing and turning.

(I do not think this is will be a problem with people who do not have a gastric problem. So far my family members did not have such complains)

Day 7

After the Day 6, I awoke feeling better. Stomach is still a little sore, but not creating problems. I can feel more movements in the gall bladder. Drank the last two doses of Epsom salt solution (urgh!).

Plenty of diarrhea but no "stones" at all and I had pain in my kidney area during the flush. Was pretty disappointed. However, my colleague told me about an improvement in my skin tone, so perhaps it helped if at all. They say you may need more than 1 flush to get results. So I think I may do that, but maybe omit the apple juice on day 6, substitute the epsom salts and perhaps take a kidney support before the flush.


The Hungry Ang Mo said...

Sorry to hear the detox didn't go too well for you.

A few things I can suggest, which might make things better next time:-

Drink fresh juice, nothing from a packet. Buy a cheap juicer and juice the apples fresh.

Secondly, the word 'detox' (in my opinion) will never actually be a detox if you're still eating normal food. At the very worst, you should be eating fresh fruit only. What will have most marked improvement is actually a complete juice fast (no solid food). Detox requires the digestive organs to rest.

If you want even more marked results, add colonics to the detox too!

Don't be disheartened and give it a go again soon!


dreamy said...

Hey Luke! Thanks for dropping by.

I can't do fresh juices, this would mean 5 days leave!

The book Andrea Moritz wrote for this cleanse did not require a complete fast, except on the 6th day where u fast after noon. And again I can't fast for that long due to work commitments.

What colonics do you suggest?

Have you tried this detox before too? Or other detoxes? What results did you get?

Yes I will definitely give it another go and see how it is.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Anonymous said...

hello, thank you for your sharing. i find your blog very interesting and will go through the whole of it. may i ask when u take the epsom salt, did you buy the one from Guardian? I got mine yesterday, it's a green box brand name Esential but the pharmacist said it's not advisable to take it orally. is there any edible epsom salt in singapore? i am also thinking of using enzyme instead of epsom salt, still reading about the liver flush.

HappyNow said...

You can substitute "Malic Acid" capsules for the Apple juice! Also Moritz suggests to substitute an herb named 'Chinese Gold Coin Grass" and Lethicin. I would take all 3 and avoid the apple juice. That much sugar is too much.Eat fresh vegetables, salad and fruit every day and lots of purified water. In USA epsom salt is available at any pharmacy. You can cut back on amount of epsom salt in the protocol. 2 tspn instead of 4 (in the water) You can ingest it fine. The pharmacist is just being too cautious. I suggest you google search liver flush. There are hundreds of people that have done this , only a few felt ill. Remember, you have to keep changing your diet to a healthy one leading up to this. I would do a week of colon cleanse. P&B in water 3 X p/day for one week. Kill parasites:Cut up 3 garlic gloves each day put on hummus spread on whole grain cracker and eat! Then eat spoonful of plain yogurt 3x p/day for 2 weeks, then take herbs for Kidney Cleanse, then do liver cleanse. Repeat liver cleanse every other week for 3 months. This will make you feel pretty great if you suffer from lack of energy, kidney or liver pains, etc.

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