Monday, December 3, 2012

Eco vegan product agency in Singapore

This is something new and cool in Singapore! A marketing agency which focuses on vegan and environmentally friendly stuff. They are pretty well diversified in what they do - handling Public Relations, Events, Advertising, Design, Interior, Concerts for clients. I got a chance to interview one of the founders - Marie about her business.

1) Why did u start this eco vegan product PR agency?

The reason we started this agency is because Maria (my business partner) is a vegan. She influenced me to lead a cruelty-free lifestyle. We don't own any items or belongings that are derived from animals or animal, because it is the ethical way of life. She is a wise leader and she taught me to be my best. I have to thank her as our company is a niche market and we are the only one in Singapore and probably Asia.

2) Can you tell us more about your company?

Our company support clients that are cruelty free. Basically almost everything except stuff that contains animals derivatives. We are a company who cares and loves the environment. Both Maria and I are creative directors who are experienced in our field.

3) You mentioned you are the vegan chef at home, can you share a recipe?

Yes. My extremely easy, fast, quick-cook meal is called the Spicy Sumptuous Sensational mouth-watering Vegan Wrap. It's called short form SSS Mouth Watering Vegan Wrap. (When you eat this you'll tend to go "ssssss", cuz it's really spicy on your tongue)

1) First, chop cucumbers, tomatoes, red and yellow peppers into small peices.
2) Take a pan, add vegan cooking oil or olive oil.
3) Heat the pan up with low fire and stir-fry it with a little onions, garlic, grounded pepper.
4) Stir-fry the cucumbers etc. with Mushroom Sauce or Vegetarian oyster sauce or even pasta sauce for 5-8 minutes.
5) Add oregano leaves and basil leaves. And then Add Chili padi (Chopped, 3 small pieces are good enough).
6) Pour about 5 tablespoons of water to cook and stir it with the vegetables. I use alkaline water by watersource because adding Alkaline water in your food balances the pH level of your body.
7) If your broth is too watery, pour more sauce, If your broth is too thick, pour more water.
8) To enhance the flavour, get Fry's vegan Sausages at cold storage. They are extremely tasty. Chop one sausage into tiny peices and fry them till they become thick.
9) Lay the wrap (check ingredients that is vegan) on a plate. If you wanna bake it to be hard it takes 5 min to bake)
10) Pour all ingredients on top of the wrap and add a dash of sesame oil
11) Serve with a glass of Water Source Alkaline Water, I have to mention this again because this is really good. I use to wake up often and can't get back to sleep, but after drinking this, I slept throughout the night. You can get more information from their website here I suggest everyone use it in their cooking especially so if you are not a vegan, because animal products and junk food increase our body's acidity.

(In the recipe above, I chopped up all my food first then stir the mixture and put the wrap below and I cooked with Veg's Fry Burger Patty but I suggest to chop the sausages as they go with it better)

4) What about tips on preparing healthy food, could you share some secrets of culinary skills? 

Secretsss.... The secret to preparing food is to omit all meats. Mix the vegtables with a lot of different ingredients that gel together logically. There is also trial and error to certain foods. A chef needs to be passionate about cooking as well. When you are cooking for the sake of cooking, your food will taste ok, if you are cooking with love, your food will taste jaw-dropping. Do look out for our cooking show very soon.

Please give Marie support by liking her facebook page here


mrandmrsvegan said...

Thanks for sharing this! We just started a vegan blog and am greatly inspired by yours!

Roland & Priscilla

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kavita said...


We have started a north indian vegetarian restaurant with a new concept of "ROTI WRAPS" which is a healthy north indian vegetarian option! Whole Wheat Indian Parathas with fillings and healthy salads wrapped up and grilled!

Would love for you to come and check it out!

Alka our masterchef has won couple of cooking competitions in singapore and this is her brain child.

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