Saturday, November 3, 2012

Green Tree vegan household cleaners

I am very happy to find this range of household cleaners only recently available in Singapore - which is 100% vegan! For those of you who are thinking of veganizing not only your meals but your lifestyle as well, this household range will fit nicely - they have laundry liquid, floor cleaner, hand wash, dish wash and an all purpose cleaner - made with plant and fruit enzymes and is 100% biodegradable.

Some enzymes cleaners we made ourselves give off a smell, but Green Tree doesn't, they have a light pleasant smell. So far, I have tried the dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner and the multipurpose cleaner - they are not foamy as conventional cleaners, but not inferior to them in terms of cleaniness. The oil gets off just as effectively. The multipurpose cleaner I would say is comparable to Mr Muscle brand. Gonna try the laundry liquid next.

One more important difference between these environmentally friendly cleaners vs the normal cleaners is that it doesn't dry my hands. Usually my hand felt dryer after washing the dishes with conventional dish washing liquids but I do not really feel any dryness after using Green Tree's dishwashing liquid.

Apparently, from Channel News Asia's interview, they got their fruits and vegetables for making enzymes from discarded supplies - really smart way of recycling - something we need very much in the current environment of great wastage.

Check them out, it's really good stuff


Cindy from cooking class said...

Hello, Cindy here! Thank you for sharing info about this wonderful company and their products! I just went to this organic store and got laundry liquid, hand soap and dish washing liquid! So excited to use them.

Alan said...

Great post.

antonio said...

Great post.

Alan said...

Great post.

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