Sunday, January 13, 2013

Antioxidant workshop

Merry Christmas! Happy New-Mayan-Era! Happy new year! After missing in action for a month, it's about time to be back here. Food picture posts will be coming up soon as well as the next post in the "Ask Ketki" series... Meanwhile I had been busy last december helping out my friend at his antioxidant workshop. My friend Yeow was running "raw" health workshops for the public. These workshops teaches people how to make green smoothies, soy yoghurt, edible enzymes and stuff. I was tasked to prep the stuff and serve the participants. Check out the pictures.

Soy yoghurt with dragon fruit enzyme and bananas yummy...

Sprouted green beans with trial mix for an energy packed snack...

His raw and green energy drinks are the best... blended on the spot and drank on the spot. Taste simply full of goodness and energy.

Orange pineapple punch with red dragon fruit enzyme.

Mango passion fruit

Yeow has these for his meals day in and out and hardly eats cooked stuff. Most people's antioxidant levels fall into the red and orange danger zone, vegetarians in the yellow zone. His level was way past the blue zone, in fact out of range in the chart. Yeow will be running his future seminars at Kampung Senang, so do look out for his events if you want to learn how to boost your antioxidant level.


Renard Moreau said...

[ Smiles ] Antioxidants are important for great health and we can get them via a vegan diet.

Lovely article!

Paragraph On Food Adulteration said...

Good food content

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