Sunday, December 24, 2006

Charlotte's Web

It's was just released to the cinemas, I have not watched it, but I have read the book... it was very nice and touching. The story is about a little pig, Wilbur, who was destined to become the Christmas ham, but was saved by the wit of his spider friend, Charlotte.

The book teaches us many things, including the importance friendship, the impermanence of life etc., but there is also another subtle meaning behind the story, which is emphasized throughout the whole book - that is, animals value their own lives too. In the story, there is the mention of the animals staying alive, being protected from harm, happiness, fear of death.. all these points so clearly to how animals value their lives.

Perhaps some will think that Charlotte's Web is mere fiction and all those emotions were part of E.B. White's imagination. What I can only say is, we can't listen and understand what the animals are talking with our ears, but we can definitely feel and understand with our hearts. I hope people will catch this subtle meaning and think about how happy and alive their "food" was once, and give up meat. Besides, most animals now don't live in happy farms like these anymore, they are crammed in factory farms, which, all the more, makes things worse. Today is christmas eve, which is also called 平安夜 in chinese. 平安 means safe and peaceful. Please spare the animals these two days, they want to be safe and peaceful as much as we do.
Picture: Wilbur, taken from Straits Times newspaper.

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