Saturday, January 27, 2007

The plight of fishes

I had a dream last night which reminded me of the dead and about-to-be dead animals I saw at the supermarket. The supermarket is the post-horror house for animals..Here's what I saw.

The medium-size fishes were swimming in a small tank, barely swimming... more like they were just staying put and looking at you. Some of them already have redden eyes, and on top of that, there was one already dead fish in the same tank. I wonder what it is that makes people think the fishes are so appetizing. Beside the tank was a box of fresh chicken thighs... No, they don't look like thighs.. I realised that I was looking at the skinned bodies of dead frogs.

Another day, I was looking around and saw this dead fish with its mouth wide opened as if it was gaping for air. And it probably was, until it breathe it's last. This brings me to the scene I saw at bedok jetty the other day. The Singapore bedok jetty is a fisherman's haunt. (Please skip the next sentence if you are not a vegetarian) I was cycling there and had wanted to free those caught fishes while they are not looking. (You read it anyway did u?) I wasn't sucessful, except I manage to throw one almost dead fish back to the water when one of the fishers left. It breathing was very shallow, and it just sank into the water, I don't think it can survive :(

When I was very young, I went to the beach and there was a fisherman at the jetty. He was catching a lot of white pomfrets and leaving them at the side of the jetty, and he was showing my mum and dad the fishes. While he wasn't looking, I pushed one of the gaping pomfrets into the water. What fun! Too bad I couldn't get to free more of the fishes into the water. I hope my little fish survive.

Fishes may seem to be too stupid and small to feel pain, but they do. The fishes like a life of peace, and it's within our power to let them do so.

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