Friday, January 26, 2007

Types of vegetarians

If you are not a vegetarian, you may find it wierd why one of your vegetarian friend drinks milk while the other don't, the other eat eggs while others don't. I will try to 'label' in general the different types of vegetarians.

Here goes...
Ovo-lacto-vegetarian: Ovo = egg, lacto = diary. So this kind of vegetarian consume eggs and dairy.
Ovo-vegetarian: Consume eggs but not dairy (this kind of vegetarian is rare)
Lacto-vegetarian: Consumes dairy, but no eggs
Vegan: People who avoid all animal products, even in their lifestyle.
Raw-vegan: Vegan who eats raw

In Asia (mainly), there are also a number of vegetarians/vegans who avoid the 5 pungent food as well. See my post on five pungent roots.

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