Saturday, March 24, 2007

The bad mouse - a vegan dilemma

What would you do if you are a vegetarian and you want the mice out of your house? A humane trap. What would you do if the mice are too smart for it?

The bad mouse is a short cartoon animation of how a family got rid of a mouse in their house - in an inhumane way. The story is really sad, especially towards the end, where the mouse was gone forever and all was silent, it sounded like a family member was gone. It made me wondered if there's really a need to remove mice, or just live with them. It made me wondered about the cockroaches I removed from my house.

Does the mouse knows it's a bad mouse, or was it just being a mouse. I think it was just being a mouse, like the roaches in my house just being themselves.
Picture source: screen shot of "The bad mouse" by Androo Sykes


Marcus said...

Hey there, Dreamy!

You are right, the mouse is just being a mouse and the roaches being roaches.

But we damn smart humans have this tendency to see everything very self-centred.

So we don't really see the mouse and its world, but we only see the mouse and what harm or good it does for us.
Too much harm, then too bad - it's gotta die!

Nice blog you have here as well.

Btw, you also left a comment on my blog (, that's how I got to yours =;o)



dreamy said...

Hi Marcus,
you have a great blog too! I like many of your vegetarian related posts, hope to see more :)

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