Thursday, March 15, 2007


Are vegans and vegetarians allowed to kill insects? There may be some who won't consider killing them. Insects seem to be so different from the usual pig, cow, duck we see, but yet, to me they are still animals and I have seen them suffer when they die of insecticide poisoning. So my answer to the question is a definite "no". Yesterday, I found a roach in my cockroach trapper, along with 2 lizard friends, dad wasn't around and mum didn't want to do the dirty job of releasing them, so I took them out. Today, the trapper got 9 roaches in it! I wonder if it's the whole family? They replaced ALL the bait with their black little poos. Oh well, at least I don't have to release another batch of roaches after this round. Setting them free isn't easy. 1st you have to run off before they start running out from the trapper. 2nd you have to check that the coast is clear of predators and town-council-complaining neighbours.

Here's some interesting stuff about roaches.
A day in the life of a male roach

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