Saturday, March 17, 2007

Obligate carnivores?

What do vegetarians and vegans feed their cat family members? There are certain veg*ns who order vegan food for them.
But some may say, "Cats are not suppose to eat a vegan diet naturally, they need meat".

Or do they?

"We know for sure those huge cats in the wild are carnivorous. How many times have we seen in documentaries cheetahs pouncing on some herbivorous animal?"

What about crocodiles?

"Yes, they are carnivorous too, they feed on meat, it's just natural for them to eat meat. Have you ever heard of a vegetarian crocodile?"

Yes. There's a vegetarian crocodile who feeds on boiled red rice. Click here to read about it

Now, if such a big meat eater can be a vegetarian, I wonder if cats can be?

Picture source: "Saintly reptile: Crocodile turns vegetarian";

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Edanator said...

Cats are highly developed predators, and are much more picky about their food than e.g. dogs. Dogs can live on cat food, but cats cannot live on dog food. Cats require very specific protein to thrive, whereas dogs, like humans and bears, can convert "bad" protein into the one more suited for us. Cats require the amino acid taurine, since it cannot synthesize the compound from other amino acids (the building blocks of proteins). The absence of taurine in a cat's diet will lead to eye problems, and eventually irreversible blindness. Taurine can be found in plants, but is most abundant in animal products. Worth noticing is that most cat food is enriched with taurine because the meat used is of such low quality. I don't know the status of research on vegetarian cat food, but considering the horrible consequences, be very very skeptical to the claims of veg cat food manufacturers. Should you give your cat vegetarian food make sure it contains taurine, and perhaps even add more. Taurine can be found in some health stores, I think.

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