Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Sakae Sushi encounter

There aren't any vegetarian stalls in the food court nearby where I am doing my project (work) and my friends are hard-core omnivores. So I usually brought home cooked food for lunch everyday and follow my friends to wherever they decide to eat. I got "advised" by the supervisors in the nearby food court not to bring in food before as mentioned in one of my previous post. Most of the time I managed to avoid being "caught".

Today, my friends decided to eat at Sakae Sushi. Sakae Sushi serve vegetarian sushi in some of it's branches, but I didn't see the vegetarian section on the menu, so I didn't knew the branch I am going served vegetarian fare. Besides, I brought my food, so it will go to waste if I didn't eat it. I went in and just ate my own food. As expected, the manager came and told me outside food's not allowed. So my friends and I told her I was a vegetarian, and she said they have a vegetarian option. Surprise! Surprise! We didn't know what to say, and she walked off. I felt a little bad, but continued eating anyway. When we left, we saw a board at the entrance with information on the vegetarian food served :p

This time round I can't start ranting about how inflexible the outlet is to vegetarians or how those managers can tell vegetarians for not bringing in food when they don't serve a vegetarian option... it's my bad, my bad...

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