Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Vegan eating egg dream

I just got a dream about eating a hard-boiled egg. And my friends were asking me how come I can eat eggs since I am a vegan? And I told them things like "Yea, I know it seems hypocritical, but since the hard-boiled egg already came with the rest of the food, I might as well not let it go to waste." It reminds me of that statement my cousin told me, "The fish is already dead anayway, it doesn't harm to eat it." And I told him about demand and supply. But what if there's no demand? Like when we order a veg dish and the waiter screwed up the order and brought us something non-vegan in the dish as well? Should we eat it? In real life, I wouldn't eat it. Why? Plenty of excuses not to. I don't like the smell, it comes from an animal who suffered, it isn't food, I just don't want to etc. This dream isn't the only case, I have dreamt of eating ice-cream with beef tallow before urgh! I have often heard that vegans and vegetarians have such dreams, have you?

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