Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Importance of chefs in promoting a vegan diet

Do you think chefs play a role in determining society's perception towards a vegetarian/vegan diet? When you eat your veg meal with your friends, collegues, relatives, do they stare at your food as if it isn't food at all or do they give a very interested look and want to glup down your food?

I think chefs (or whoever prepared the meals) are important in changing the "veg food is boring and bland" mindset of the general population. If you visit a restaurant and the veg food that comes out look extremely delicious, and if that happens often, meat eaters will probably have a better idea of what veg food is like. Knowing that veg food can be tasty and healthy, it would be easier for them to cut back on their meat consumption. On the other hand, if you eat almost the same thing everyday, people will be less willing to sacrifice their meat-based diet because of the concern about taste.

Here's an article about chefs and vegetarian food for your reading pleasure


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