Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lambs for slaughtered raised on a vegetarian's land

One of Living Vegan's reader, jn, sent me the following news, which raised some thoughts in my mind.

Gordon Ramsay, a celebrity chef, sent his lambs to Beckham's and wife Victoria's house to be cared for as his garden was too small. Victoria Beckham is a vegetarian, and she and her husband did not know that Ramsay's lambs are to be slaughtered for the final episode of a TV show. Ramsay has also slaughtered turkeys and pigs before.

Some non-vegetarians will shun away from slaughter scene videos and some may even try to close their minds to it when they are eating meat (I was one of them before I went veg actually). Ramsay is so different, he is willing to "face his food-to-bes", kill, and eat them. Even though he's willing to face the fact, I feel a little uncomfortable and scared about the heartless action - raising an animal from young and having the heart to kill it. I can't imagine how scary the world would be if everyone is like that. Comparing him with people who avoid thinking about the treatment of animals, I would say it would be easier to help the latter go veg.

To see the whole news article, click here


Edanator said...

Paraphrasing Bala (BK):
"When you raise an animal close to you, it will become dependent on you, trusting you. When you later kill that animal you are betraying that trust, only to serve your selfish cravings."

(He phrased it better)

dreamy said...

Good point!

Crissy said...

I'd rather the animals that end up on a plate come from a happy life than a miserable one. In the olden days, everyone raised their own cows, chickens and pigs for meat, rather than buying a cute box of frozen chicken nuggets. Gordon is helping people make the connection between meat and real animals. I applaud him for that.

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