Friday, April 27, 2007

Anti-fur clip from America's next top model

You may have seen it on TV, if not here is it again. Some people think she is dumb, but everyone is ignorant of some things at some point of their life, it won't be fair to label her as dumb at all.

Anyway, the reason why I posted this was because I thought she raised some pretty good points. Many people know that fur comes from animals - dead ones, but they may think fur comes from animals who died naturally, like what the model thought. Fur comes mainly from animals who are caught or raised specially for it and they are then killed for it - some of them being stripped of their skin even before they die. Leather is also another product which I thought was very similar to fur - they both involve animal suffering. These are some of the things which I thought vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike can easily avoid in our daily lives. Alternatives to leather are aplenty, if you are looking for leather-look-alike material, you can use products made from pleather or vegan microfibre - vegan products can be purchased from online stores.

To learn more about the meat and animal byproduct industry, you can watch Earthlings

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