Friday, April 27, 2007

Vegan Stockholm

I just stumbled across this site on where you can find vegan and vegetarian food in Stockholm, so if you are spending your vacation there, or staying there, you will know where to get vegan food :)
Click here to go to the site


Edanator said...

Ha ha! As a Swede I can say... listen to these guys. They're allright! Veggie dining in Europe is very different from in Asia, since vegetarian (milk+egg) is widely accepted in most restaurants, including steakhouses and McMurder. However, should you want to exclude milk and egg, you will find a lot of difficulties. The Stockholm vegans know where to get vegan food, though.

dreamy said...

That's cool :) I think milk and sometimes eggs are accepted in many chinese style eateries here too, perhaps it's just that the the style of cooking does not require much use of such products.

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