Friday, April 6, 2007

Salim Stoudamire's a vegan

If you are veg and a fan of the Atlanta Hawks, you may be glad to know that Salim Stoudamire - the Atlanta Hawks' guard, is a vegan now. He lost 3 pounds and felt he had better endurance since the switch. You can read more about an interview with him here

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Edanator said...

Great! We need more role models in all fields. He seems to be sincere too, not any other stupid celebrity fooled into veganism for the wrong reasons (Drew Barrymore).

dreamy said...

What did Drew Barrymore become vegan for?
Yes, agree, lots of ppl in many different fields will definitely make it easier to promote veg!

Edanator said...

Drew Barrymore used to be a PETA poster girl, much like Alicia Silverstone nowadays. Her reasons for being veg are unknown to me, but she switched to meat without any problems so I seriously doubt it was ethical reasons. Hearing her praise the taste of chicken and, at the same time, ridicule her old vegan friends has made me realize she's a b**ch. Since then I have been very suspicious of the sincerity of every PETA poster celebrity.

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