Monday, May 21, 2007

Beef advertisement

I just came home from pitstop cafe, where you can play a lot of different games with your friends. Board games, card games, guessing games etc. The place caters to vegetarians, though the food isn't exactly healthy. The last time I been there without prior notice, they came up with samosas and fries for me. Till then I haven't had another dinner there (with prior booking) yet, so I can't tell if their veg food is nice. But last week there was a side dish that I ate - button mushrooms cooked with some terayakai sauce (I heard from the crew), and it was pretty ok. The games are really nice! If you love games it's a must go! And the crew is very friendly and patient too.

Anyway... about that beef ad. I was on the bus and there was this advertisement of a cute cow standing on an open field eating grass. Then there was this flying meteorite coming towards Earth. It looked so much like a scoop of chocolate ice-cream that I thought it was another ad about ice-cream and started thinking about how these industries like to use free-range cows and mislead the viewers. To my disgust, it was much worse than that. The flying meteorite hit the cow (they just showed the reflection of the meteorite in the cow's frighten eyes getting bigger). And that dish was called "fireball steak" or "fireball beef" or whatever. It isn't funny at all. On a positive note, at least this shows people where beef comes from, maybe the cute cow will turn them off from eating the beef.


Anonymous said...

I don't think cute cows in ads will stop ppl from eating beef. In fact, ppl will have the misconception that the cows are "happy" or meant to be eaten.

I could still remember those milk powder ads that I used to watch of Fernleaf showing that their milk comes from New Zealand dairy farm! It made my parents and I thought we should drink lots of milk to be healthy. Even now, my mom insisted that I should continue to drink milk!


dreamy said...

Good point, they may even find it funny, but hopefully some people can make the link.

Yea! I agree about the "happy" cows on open pastures. It reminds me of the cadbury's ad about the happy cow in this cadbury chocolate and milk wonderland.

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