Tuesday, May 1, 2007

V.G. burgers in the press

Remember V.G. burgers? There's a news report on how it's doing now. Most of the food served are vegan, but they don't label it as so. Why? To attract non-vegetarians who can be turned off from the "V" word. And guess what? They have around 80% of their customers who are non-vegetarians.

I think it's really interesting, it's the same in many places (including Singapore) that some people will not want to eat vegetarian food because simply "It's vegetarian". I really don't understand why, perhaps the the words "Vegetarian" or "Vegan" conjure images of disgusting bowls of greens in people's minds. Sometimes, I really wonder if veg food sucks, or is it the pre-conceived idea that they do - which cause every mouthful of the food to taste so bad.

I guess V.G. burgers was smart not to label it's products with the "V" word. Organic, eco-friendly, and fast - definitely appealing to the masses who are concern about their health and want to do something for the environment. On the other hand, I admire companies who are willing to label "V" for their food, it certainly facilitates us a lot, though, I am not sure how it will affect the number of non-vegetarians purchasing their product.

Read the news here


Anonymous said...

Will they be opening a branch in SG too?

Anonymous said...

Everything at V.G. is delicious and vegan. They don't label it as such, but it's pretty obvious to vegans who go in there, because they have all the ingredients clearly listed.

dreamy said...

I do hope so! But I think it's more likely they expand their operations in their own country 1st, before going overseas..

That's nice, I love to go into a fast food (or any) restaurant without having to ponder too much about which of the stuff not being vegan.

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