Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dream about a hellish computer game

I had a bad dream just now - a hellish computer game I was playing known as PETA chick haha.... Nothing really related to PETA, it was more related to a game I played using the SEGA console when I was young. In the real game you play as a mother hen trying to save all her chicks from each level while avoiding wolves. If a wolf touches you, you lose a life.

This nightmare game is different. At the starting point it's about the same as the real game except that it's cats instead of wolves. You won't lose a life when the cats touch you, but you can't pick up your chicks for a short while. Later the game got worse and you will face enemies such as huge snakes and a wierd monster. Then I came to this level where it's full of fire everywhere that could burn mother hen and her chicks - that's why I call it hellish. There's really no way you can pass that level unless you have got really good reflexes. There's this chick which fell into a pot of boiling water and was calling to her mum, asking her what to do, and there isn't anything the mother hen could do to save her chick, while her baby dies in the water containing chicken intestine. Omg... I can't imagine that I will have such a cruel dream, I didn't even play such games, maybe it was the result of bits and pieces of information from many places pieced together.

Still, I believe this dream reflects the truth of what's happening. Chickens do get dump in boiling waters in factory farms. I have also seen it in a market before. They also get roasted, or cooked with fire in the end, the hellish game doesn't deviate much from the truth. It's really cruel.


Jackie said...

I also have a problem after seeing factory farming or fur trapping movies of having horrific dreams and waking up in absolute terror. I therefore now find myself cutting down on those I watch.

dreamy said...

Maybe that's true! I just saw a fur video my friend sent yesterday.. it might have contributed somehow.

KleoPatra said...

:o( No more sad or bad dreams for you, dreamy!!

Sisley said...

I believe if you "get it", meaning you are a person that understands the suffering animals go through and does their best to lessen it, you shouldn't watch those videos unless absolutely necessary. Also, remember, many times dreams use symbolism to tell us something, and we take them very literally.
I hope you're having sweet dreams!

dreamy said...

Thanks kleopatra :), but they never stop unfortunately.. :S

Hi sisley, no I don't usually watch these videos, I can't really take it, they are very heart wrenching and they make me tear sometimes.
I have no idea what this dream is telling me though... :)
Thank you sweet dreams to you too :)

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