Friday, June 22, 2007

What colour is your meat?

This cartoon video shows the conspiracy behind fresh meat. I don't know how true this is, but it's on how carbon monoxide is introduced to meat so that it looks fresh. Stuffing the body with decomposing meat disguised to look fresh... Certainly scary!

The website also contains other interesting cartoon videos on sweatshops, Iraq's oil etc. I found this interesting "Star Wars"-styled video which tells us about this "Mind over matter" concept very much similar to "The Secret" I mentioned in one of my past posts. If this is true, veg*ns can use the power of the mind and change the situation in the world... maybe some "mind activism" activity with intense focus on people going veg perhaps :). Ok, enough talk. Here's the video.

Want to see other cartoon videos from their site, click here


Travegan said...

I've believed for ages the mind is capable of a lot more than we account for it, as demonstrated for example by "miracle" healing in self-hypnosis. As for external things, there's the theory of parallel universes, which can be somewhat condensed to "everything that's possible, happens". Then the mind may have an effect on which universe it ends up in, indeed allowing for everything that's possible, even half the planet going vegan tomorrow. :-) Then the other theory is the Hindu-inspired idea that all living creatures are a part of god; and the third somewhat related is that the physical world is just a dream. Dreams, of course can be controlled, like if you realize you're dreaming, you can make anything happen in that world. So... positive mindset may really help!

Judith MacCaellich-Young said...

My hubbie is still a meat eater...after watching that even Mr Carnivore has gone green around the gills!
Strangely he has asked if he can eat veggie style for dinner tonight!

dreamy said...

Cool! I have never heard about the third concept. Half the planet going vegan! We've got tons of mind work to do I guess!

That's great to hear! Maybe he should watch these movies more often? hehe :)

Jackie said...

Thanks for finding these great videos. Very interesting.

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